Time travel 101: The old photo of yourself

Julie and Rick, Berkeley, 1993. He was my boyfriend for many years, and this was a visit just to reconnect as friends. Well, that didn’t work!

I’m getting obsessed with my past…need to read some Proust and let it go, maybe. But instead, today I scanned some old pictures I found so I could post them on Facebook. I was surprised at how much time has passed since they were taken. It still seems like just a few years ago, but the first bunch was in Paris in 1991, and the second in San Francisco in 1993…hang on, kids, cause that was 21 and 19 years ago respectively…children have been born and grown up in that time!

I guess it just makes me feel funny because I miss that time, and it doesn’t seem very long ago. But my whole life is different now. I wasn’t particularly happy back then, but I guess the difference is that I had time, lots of time, both to do stuff, like go to France and San Francisco, as well as the time in front of me as far as the future goes, years and years ahead of me to explore, meet people, change my life, then change it again.

Plus I looked so cute. I know I’m fine and all that now, but I just looked so lovely in these years, which represent my early thirties. I thought I was old when I hit 30, but I wasn’t. It was a good time, health-wise, beauty-wise and love-wise. It makes me sad that all I am doing now is getting older, trying not to look it.

I’m not complaining, honestly. Just wondering how it all works. I mean, when do I actually get old, and stop wanting? Am I getting close? I’m not there yet, but I will be one day. No one wants to be 70 years old, but it happens. I’m too young to get old.

Julie with Rick’s bike, a 1968? 1972? I can’t remember BSA that he loved. We rode it across the Golden Gate Bridge in a raging wind. I thought I might fall off but I didn’t.

On our bike ride over the bridge. It smelled like eucalyptus everywhere.

Paris, with my boyfriend Laurent. 1991

Me and my best friend Betty, in Paris. I’ve kind of lost touch with her, and she was my very best friend for years and years.