1911 St Louis House

3137 Longfellow, exterior

I am so in love with this house I can hardly stand myself. At first, it just looks like an average nice old house. But then you arrive at the front door:

Front door

It looks untouched by time, as if it actually were 1911. Now step inside…

Entrance hall

Butler's pantry, with wooden ice box

Butler’s pantry, with wooden ice box

Ice. Box. Literally.

Ice. Box. Literally.

Interior doors

These are INTERIOR doors, people.

Original bathroom

Original, untouched bathroom

Kitchen sink

Original kitchen.

I found this amazing place at my new favorite obse… um, website, Old House Dreams. The link to the house, with tons more photos, is here: 1911 Colonial Revival, St Louis, MO – Sold | Old House Dreams.

It has been sold, and I hope the new owner doesn’t rip out all the original fixtures. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a house this untouched. Time travel, baybees!