Little Noises, 1991

This is one of the most underrated films I know of. Very dark, but funny, but dark, it is one of my favorites. Crispin Glover is fantastic. Tatum O’Neal is as well, hell, they all are. I especially love all the unscripted bits, as a lot of it is obviously improvisational. And even in this short clip, so many quoteable quotes…

“What are you doing down therrre, in that getup…”

“I’m really busy right now, tryin’ to write my novel?”

“Oh I’m pretty fantastic. I just had an audition at the Weehawken Dinner Theater.”

“I have a dream, baby, a dream about meee, baby…”

“Do you think this headshot looks like Montgomery Clift?” “No.” “Well that’s just crazy, cause people are constantly pointing at me and saying, ‘There walks the spitting image of Montgomery Clift.”

“She waits, late at night, hearing the wind, it is to gather kindnesses no world can offer.”


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